Vanjo Domingo

Saturday, May 27, 2006

BDC Project Planning Course

This blog is one of the various e-commerce technologies we had learned in this course. Others were e-Marketing, Electronic Payments, e-Mail Marketing, Internet Advertising, Viral and Informal Marketing and Developing a Project Plan.

Though it's our last course, I would say that it's one of the most important topics we had taken up in this training. Thanks & God Bless!

Stay in touch...

Hey guys, always stay in touch with me through Yahoo360 or LinkedIn alright? At Yahoo360 it's so easy to do this. Yesterday, all the it@coops participants signed up in Yahoo360 and LinkedIn and we found it so easy and very interesting because of its additional features like creating your own page, blogs, reviews, announcements, share your photos and music, and even poll your viewers. Inviting friends to join is so easy too. You can create your own groups if you want and post your message for them. If you like, you can also build your friends database here. And finally, you can send and receive e-mails too. So just wait for my invitation, accept it and that's it. Or you can go directly to Yahoo360 or LinkedIn and signup.

For LinkedIn, it includes a feature for job search or job posting, finding professional services in your network, people search engines. and endorsements. Users with endorsements on their profiles are three times as likely to be found in searches.

Online Payments through YesPayments...

Another payment solution to help a business grow. It provide credit card payments directly over the Internet.

You simply enter the details of the transaction and the cardholder. The transaction will then be processed by YESpayments. If the email address is filled in, then the details of the transaction will be sent by email to you. You can then personalized the email then send it to your client. The client will process his/her payment using the links in your email and the Yes Payments will process it.

They accept JCB, Visa & MasterCard. With charges as follows: Fixed Transaction Charge: PhP 12.00, Settlement Charge: 5.5% to 8%, Fixed Weekly Fee: PhP1,500.00 For more information on fees and charges, visit the YesPayment websie.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Payment Gateways: Which One?

Based on the reports that we did yesterday, I learned so many different ways on how our cooperative can accept payment online. Though it is only a partial study ( we only used 5 criteria and still needs more research and study) I think what our cooperative can adopt are the Smart Money, YesPinoy or the Globe's G-Cash.

YesPinoy offers a rate of 5.5% plus P15.00 load fixed fee. It uses Smart Money Card and UnionBank EON Card. When a credit card is first used in YESPinoy, there will be a slight delay as the transaction is processed and verified. Once the credit card has been approved for use in YESPinoyâ„¢, all succeeding transactions using that card will be processed and the amount sent to your recipient will be loaded to their SMART Money card in less than one minute. It also accepts Visa, Master Card and JCB Credit Cards. You can then withdraw from any ATM Machine in the Philippines. The minimun amount is P500 and maximum of P20,000.00

Other payment gateway we might consider are the Smart Money Card and Globe's G-Cash. Since the cooperative is engaged in selling communication devices such as cellphones & prepaid cards, and offer services such as load wallet and e-load it would be easier for us to adopt these payment gateway.

However, I still need to study further on this matter before I could recommend to our cooperative.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Applying for UnionBank EON

Using UnionBank EON is simply amazing. It allows you to do absolutely all your banking transactions in a click of a mouse. It's the only Cyber Account that gives you free email without the need for an ISP. It's the only bank that lets you issue CyberChecks online! You can even make electronic fund transfers to any bank in the country -- anytime, anywhere!

It's the fastest, the most convenient way to bank. It has no minimum balance to maintain and earns higher interest than regular savings accounts. You may also transfer funds, write cyberchecks, pay your bills on-line, make balance inquiry or get account summaries and get free e-mail.

Your application is fast and easy. And have only P350.00 Visa Electron Annual Fee. Visit now and apply for your EON.

On-line Request for Birth Certificate

Requesting online birth certificate is really great. It's so easy, just visit and fill up your request form then submit. The request form is clear and for me, it gives no hassle at all. For someone as busy like me, it's so convenient to request certificates like this on-line.

BlogNo2 &

I tried ordering from and i find it fast fun and easy. It guides you all the way. Likewise at it includes features like buying or selling your products. These two websites i just visited seemed to have one thing in common... i.e. personalizes your account,with so many help features and guidelines. Items are also categorized and recommends items that interest me most. Try it and enjoy shopping.

Using Internet

Using Internet

I just started using Internet last 2004. At first it's really hard to connect because our office used dial-up connection only. Only last 2005 when our coop decided to subscribe on DSL. Our favorite website is because of the free Yahoo mail and Yahoo Messenger. I also like This is where I download some softwares & drivers we needed in our office.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Vanjo Domingo at it@coops Trainors Training

it@coops Trainor's Training started last October 2005 and will end on May 31, 2006. I had a lot of learnings acquired in this training from basic computer usage up to programming. I really thought I could never finish this training because my mother passed away last January 4, 2006 and our 2nd track is scheduled January 9, 2006. It was the saddest part of my life since I love my mom so much. I wanted to quit, I'm so upset and feeling lost. But with the comforting words and challenges from my brothers, sisters and friends I decided to go on with this training.

Though many things happened to me during this training, I had so much to thank simply because I changed a lot. I am more confident now to do my job as an IT Manager in our coop. I got new ideas and even more creative. I love this training and it is one of the best opportuniy in my life. As of now we're on the 4th track and our topic is creating blogs. I like this topic very much. It's really very interesting.

Topics we had taken in this training:
Intro to Information Technology
Windows XP
Microsoft Word
MS Excel
MS Powerpoint
Office Integration
Open Office
Basic HTML
MS Access
Adobe Photoshop
Flash Animation
System Design
Database Management

I want to thank Inwent, AWCF, NATCCO and NV ALAY KAPWA MPCO for giving me the chance to join the it@coops Trainor's Training. Thanks also to our Board of Directors, to our General Manager, Mrs. Valentina S. Tomas, to our Asst. Manager for Finance, Mrs. Minerva ST. De Guzman, and to Dir. Cristina R. Salvosa for their support and understanding during my trainings here in it@coops trainor's training.

To my co-employees: Kumusta na kayo lahat diyan? Miss ko na kayo. Don't worry, blow-out ko kau pag-uwi ko. Promise! Yong gift ko ha? Hwag nyo kalimutan. (he.he.he.)